Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Lockhart BBQ

Today was the first day that I have felt pretty ok since getting back from Acen (which, by the way, was amazing!). So Rune and I took this chance to go out on a much deserved date. We went to this place in Royal Oak called Lockhart BBQ, which pays homage to the great bbq food of the south, something that makes me extremely happy when a place can do it correctly.
We got a half order of the pork ribs, which was the best idea we ever had. So fucking good, the meat basically fell off the bone it was so juicy. Now I just have to teach Rune how to properly eat ribs, which is with ones fingers, not a fork.
For my plate, I got the brisket bbq burger with candied bacon and swiss, and a side of sweet potato fries drizzled in honey. I literally teared up I was so happy. Rune got the mac n cheese shepards pie, which had brisket meat mixed in. I didn't try it, but he enjoyed it.
So all in all, this was one amazing date. I will post about Acen later this week once I start getting more pics to post!
So for now, bye<3

Thursday, April 12, 2012

White Magnet Len WIP part 1

I have been working on Len's headphones and the crown for the top of the headphones recently, and have finally finished the bases. This is what the crown looked like before I added the secondary posts and spray painted it, lol. It's so little :3

So I finished spray painting the bases for Len and Rin's headphones, as well as the finished base for the crown. They came out nicely, I'm really happy with how smooth the finish is. Once I'm done with the designs, I can spray them all with a clear gloss sealant to keep the paint from scratching and the rhinestones from coming off.

Bling bling, yo~

I started working on the crown first, gluing the rhinestones along the posts to make them look like the "crown jewels". I ran out of the tiny pearls that I need to do the base with, so I will hopefully finish it all up today.

Around the sides of Len's headphones' lid addition I glued on, I added a gold trim. It turned out really nice, I'm really glad that it looks even and flush with the sides, and that it looks like it just belongs. I have to pick up a thin permanent marker today to do the four joined circle shapes on the surface for both Rin and Len's headphones, then after doing the rhinestones and trim, I'll move on to the angel wings that replaced the butterfly wings.

Here's the (almost) finished product of the crown's base. I have to finish the rounded base at the bottom, and add the red velvet inside the middle of the posts. The blue gems I painted with nail polish since I didn't have any blue rhinestones (so hard to believe since I seem to have everything else under the sun...), and they turned out really nice, thankfully. Both the front and back of the cross are decorated the same exact way, as well as each post; the four bigger ones are symmetrical to each other's design, as are the four little ones.

On a side note, I also got my Ouran High School Host Club patch today in the mail! Sonteen will be happy, lol~ This was kind of a last minute added cosplay for Acen, but her and I are doing Haruhi and Tamaki Friday morning. It's a easy enough cosplay, anyways, so I'm not worried about getting it done~

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

White Magnet Rin WIP *Headphones* part 1

I'm working on headphones for Crystal's White Magnet Rin, since we want our design to match. I'm doing Len to her Rin for Acen this month, which is pretty exciting :D

I'm going to show how I go about this process in a series of posts, this one being what materials I use and what the base of it will look like before I start painting and adding the rest of the design.

The first part of the process is gathering of the materials. I used:
- (2) lids from Applesauce containers (Big enough to cover each ear comfortably).
- (2) lids from the larger sized Gatorade bottles.
- (2) sheets of plain white printing paper.
I also had a box cutter on hand, it helps cut and peel away the hot glue that may leak out from between the edge and surface of the two lids when pressed together. If you don't clean up around the edges, when you go to spraypaint, the glue will look like a hot mess.

I tore the white paper into strips and crumpled them up, fitting them inside the Gatorade lid to ensure that it fills the inside and lays even with the raised edge. It gives it more surface space to glue onto the bottom lid, ensuring it won't weaken while being worn and fall off.

I remove the paper from the inside part of the Gatorade lid and filled the bottom with hot glue. Afterwords, I put one of the pieces back inside and glue down any loose corners and edges. I repeated the process with a second piece of crumpled paper, and filled any gaps in with the glue to even the surface out.

Let's play the "Look-a-like" game! These look like...
Don't be a pervert, I was going to say googly eyes >o honestly....

 Once it was dry, I put a thin layer of glue around the surface of the paper. Don't get too close to the edges, when you press down the lid onto the bottom one, the glue will be less likely to leak out if it isn't right up on the edge of the lid itself. After, I checked to make sure I had it centered before pressing down on it for a few minutes. Applying pressure helped keep the Gatorade lid flush with the bottom lid on all sides.

So there you have it! This is the base of the headphones. I spraypainted last night, so I will be posting photos later today showing the detailing of the designs once I start that, as well as photos of my own headphones for Ren, and the little crown I had made for the top of Ren's the headphones~

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Cosplay Business Card Design!

Here is the front and back design of my cosplay business card! I chose Ootani for the front because mainly, you can see my face pretty well. Secondly, the image just fit the look I had in mind, so I went with that instead of one of the Len ones. The back was always going to be Nana, I just didn't know what photo exactly. I am so glad I came upon this one, since I had forgotten about it. It totally fits the look! Originally I was going to have the links be slanted to follow the lines of the wall behind me, but I decided against it because there wasn't enough room for everything.

So there you have it! I am just going to send in these bad boys to get printed, and hopefully I will have them before Acen so I can pass them out to whoever wants them :D

Friday, April 6, 2012

Black Bunny Sheryl WIP

Its nice to take otherwise boring or unattractive photos, and put them together in a nice little collage with a random bubble filter all for the sake of attracting attention to the spray painting of a headband and some white faux fur purple. It would otherwise not be attention getting, therefore not being a WIP :(
So there you have it! Spray painted the headband in which will be hidden in the purple wig and (hopefully) succeeds in withstanding the force of gravity with the weird red hairpiece thing... and spray painted the faux fur for sheryl's bunny tail. Yea I'm lazy like that, I couldn't find a good purple color, don't feel like spending money for half a yard of faux fur when all I need is a 5in x 5in square, so I painted it XD Let's hope it turns out well :(
Oh, I also spruced up the design of my blog! What do you think? :3 I will change the photo every month to another one of my cosplay photos simply for the fun of having something different. The font title thing will be the only thing that stays the same.

Bride of the Water God preview

I haven't even posted this on my dA or facebook yet, but here's another preview from the shoot from Gar Urban. Sooner or later I will have all of them edited and posted somewhere, lol. I will also fix up my blog to make it look suitable for a cosplayer who's supposed to update this thing often, but has instead neglected it. Acen crunch time is killing me D:

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

FF in my trunk

This deserved a post. Thank you gamestop for once again giving me the gift of stuff I don't really need but want to fill my room.