Friday, April 6, 2012

Black Bunny Sheryl WIP

Its nice to take otherwise boring or unattractive photos, and put them together in a nice little collage with a random bubble filter all for the sake of attracting attention to the spray painting of a headband and some white faux fur purple. It would otherwise not be attention getting, therefore not being a WIP :(
So there you have it! Spray painted the headband in which will be hidden in the purple wig and (hopefully) succeeds in withstanding the force of gravity with the weird red hairpiece thing... and spray painted the faux fur for sheryl's bunny tail. Yea I'm lazy like that, I couldn't find a good purple color, don't feel like spending money for half a yard of faux fur when all I need is a 5in x 5in square, so I painted it XD Let's hope it turns out well :(
Oh, I also spruced up the design of my blog! What do you think? :3 I will change the photo every month to another one of my cosplay photos simply for the fun of having something different. The font title thing will be the only thing that stays the same.

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