Sunday, April 8, 2012

Cosplay Business Card Design!

Here is the front and back design of my cosplay business card! I chose Ootani for the front because mainly, you can see my face pretty well. Secondly, the image just fit the look I had in mind, so I went with that instead of one of the Len ones. The back was always going to be Nana, I just didn't know what photo exactly. I am so glad I came upon this one, since I had forgotten about it. It totally fits the look! Originally I was going to have the links be slanted to follow the lines of the wall behind me, but I decided against it because there wasn't enough room for everything.

So there you have it! I am just going to send in these bad boys to get printed, and hopefully I will have them before Acen so I can pass them out to whoever wants them :D

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