Tuesday, April 10, 2012

White Magnet Rin WIP *Headphones* part 1

I'm working on headphones for Crystal's White Magnet Rin, since we want our design to match. I'm doing Len to her Rin for Acen this month, which is pretty exciting :D

I'm going to show how I go about this process in a series of posts, this one being what materials I use and what the base of it will look like before I start painting and adding the rest of the design.

The first part of the process is gathering of the materials. I used:
- (2) lids from Applesauce containers (Big enough to cover each ear comfortably).
- (2) lids from the larger sized Gatorade bottles.
- (2) sheets of plain white printing paper.
I also had a box cutter on hand, it helps cut and peel away the hot glue that may leak out from between the edge and surface of the two lids when pressed together. If you don't clean up around the edges, when you go to spraypaint, the glue will look like a hot mess.

I tore the white paper into strips and crumpled them up, fitting them inside the Gatorade lid to ensure that it fills the inside and lays even with the raised edge. It gives it more surface space to glue onto the bottom lid, ensuring it won't weaken while being worn and fall off.

I remove the paper from the inside part of the Gatorade lid and filled the bottom with hot glue. Afterwords, I put one of the pieces back inside and glue down any loose corners and edges. I repeated the process with a second piece of crumpled paper, and filled any gaps in with the glue to even the surface out.

Let's play the "Look-a-like" game! These look like...
Don't be a pervert, I was going to say googly eyes >o honestly....

 Once it was dry, I put a thin layer of glue around the surface of the paper. Don't get too close to the edges, when you press down the lid onto the bottom one, the glue will be less likely to leak out if it isn't right up on the edge of the lid itself. After, I checked to make sure I had it centered before pressing down on it for a few minutes. Applying pressure helped keep the Gatorade lid flush with the bottom lid on all sides.

So there you have it! This is the base of the headphones. I spraypainted last night, so I will be posting photos later today showing the detailing of the designs once I start that, as well as photos of my own headphones for Ren, and the little crown I had made for the top of Ren's the headphones~


  1. ooo wow. I never thought of that, nice going. cant wait!

    1. Yea it's a lot easier using plastic that already has the shape, than trying to make the shape out of cardboard and have seams not line up. Yay for shortcuts lmao~