Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Lockhart BBQ

Today was the first day that I have felt pretty ok since getting back from Acen (which, by the way, was amazing!). So Rune and I took this chance to go out on a much deserved date. We went to this place in Royal Oak called Lockhart BBQ, which pays homage to the great bbq food of the south, something that makes me extremely happy when a place can do it correctly.
We got a half order of the pork ribs, which was the best idea we ever had. So fucking good, the meat basically fell off the bone it was so juicy. Now I just have to teach Rune how to properly eat ribs, which is with ones fingers, not a fork.
For my plate, I got the brisket bbq burger with candied bacon and swiss, and a side of sweet potato fries drizzled in honey. I literally teared up I was so happy. Rune got the mac n cheese shepards pie, which had brisket meat mixed in. I didn't try it, but he enjoyed it.
So all in all, this was one amazing date. I will post about Acen later this week once I start getting more pics to post!
So for now, bye<3

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