Thursday, April 12, 2012

White Magnet Len WIP part 1

I have been working on Len's headphones and the crown for the top of the headphones recently, and have finally finished the bases. This is what the crown looked like before I added the secondary posts and spray painted it, lol. It's so little :3

So I finished spray painting the bases for Len and Rin's headphones, as well as the finished base for the crown. They came out nicely, I'm really happy with how smooth the finish is. Once I'm done with the designs, I can spray them all with a clear gloss sealant to keep the paint from scratching and the rhinestones from coming off.

Bling bling, yo~

I started working on the crown first, gluing the rhinestones along the posts to make them look like the "crown jewels". I ran out of the tiny pearls that I need to do the base with, so I will hopefully finish it all up today.

Around the sides of Len's headphones' lid addition I glued on, I added a gold trim. It turned out really nice, I'm really glad that it looks even and flush with the sides, and that it looks like it just belongs. I have to pick up a thin permanent marker today to do the four joined circle shapes on the surface for both Rin and Len's headphones, then after doing the rhinestones and trim, I'll move on to the angel wings that replaced the butterfly wings.

Here's the (almost) finished product of the crown's base. I have to finish the rounded base at the bottom, and add the red velvet inside the middle of the posts. The blue gems I painted with nail polish since I didn't have any blue rhinestones (so hard to believe since I seem to have everything else under the sun...), and they turned out really nice, thankfully. Both the front and back of the cross are decorated the same exact way, as well as each post; the four bigger ones are symmetrical to each other's design, as are the four little ones.

On a side note, I also got my Ouran High School Host Club patch today in the mail! Sonteen will be happy, lol~ This was kind of a last minute added cosplay for Acen, but her and I are doing Haruhi and Tamaki Friday morning. It's a easy enough cosplay, anyways, so I'm not worried about getting it done~

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